Navajo Rug Diamond Pattern
Navajo Rug Diamond Pattern
Navajo Rug Diamond Pattern

Navajo Rug Diamond Pattern

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This rug is woven with all hand spun wool yarn in natural white, brown and carded grays. The reds are synthetic dye white wool. The tans are either natural or synthetic dyes.  The wool that tends towards black may be over-dyed with pinion pitch dye.  The variegated brown border shows an all natural, undyed brown wool.  The minute stepping taking place along the edges of the large scale vertical elements is a throwback to the stepping that occurs consistently on the classic Navajo blankets.   This suggests that this rug was likely woven by an older weaver in the later stages of her life - a weaver that would have woven classic blankets around 1870.

Dimensions 92 Inches x 49" (7ft 8in x 4 ft 1 inches

Condition: Has Some Wear.  Light fading 

Circa: 1920

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