Navajo 3 rd third phase Chiefs Blanket indigo
Navajo 3 rd third phase Chiefs Blanket Cochineal
Navajo 3 rd third phase Chiefs Blanket churo
Navajo 3 rd third phase Chiefs Blanket Natural dyed
Navajo Third Phase Chief’s Blanket Circa 1865

Navajo Third Phase Chief’s Blanket Circa 1865

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This exquisite 1865 Navajo Chiefs Blanket is a mesmerizing display of traditional craftsmanship, woven with churro & Bayeta wool  in a captivating array of natural dyed and undyed colors. 

The bold white and brown hues, untouched by dyes, lend an earthy and organic quality to the blanket, showcasing the beauty of the churro wool in its raw state. Each stripe tells a story of the land, the sheep, and the hands that carefully sheared and spun the wool.

However, the true showstopper of this masterpiece lies in the subtle red center stripe and diamond.  In the center of the diamond is a bold Indigo blue Christian cross with yellow rabbit brush dyed tips. The use of the indigo blue and rabbit brush yellow is duplicated in the inner diamond.  The red is cochineal dyed and probably unraveled Manchester bayeta yarn. The delicate nature of this design is a testament to the weavers' command of techniques.

The central pattern is duplicated on the outer edges and corners; however, the cross has been transformed into a more native spider woman cross making one wonder the weavers intent. 

As you gaze upon this 1865 Navajo Chiefs Blanket, you are not just witnessing a textile masterpiece; you are witnessing a piece of history. Each thread tells a story of tradition, culture, and the deep connection of the Navajo people to their land and heritage. It is a testament to the enduring artistry and creativity of the Navajo weavers, whose legacy continues to inspire awe and admiration to this day.

Dimensions 68 Inches x 53" 

Condition: Has Some Wear, Minor Repairs

Circa: 1865

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