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Southwest Natives: Culture and Artifacts 

The Southwest Natives’ cultural region was nestled between the Rocky Mountains and the Mexican Sierra Madre. The Continental Divide split the picturesque landscape into two river watersheds: the western Colorado–Gila–San Juan region and the eastern Rio Grande–Pecos region. This area corresponds to present-day Arizona and New Mexico, USA. 

Southwest Native Americans were also called the Puebloan tribes of the Hopi, Keres, Tewa, Tiwa, Jemez, and Zuni. They made their homes from stone and adobe materials within the invincible cliff sides of the area. These permanent housing structures led to their sedentary lifestyle conducive to developing their strong artisanal pursuits in Puebloan artwork. They were masters of highly detailed wood carving, basketry, textile weaving, blankets, rugs, pottery-making, silver jewelry, sand paintings, weapons, and tools. 

Their way of life also facilitated growing corn (or maize), beans, and squash, and they were hunters and gatherers. Spanish colonization introduced mustangs, burros, and sheep to their way of life. The Southwest Natives also enjoyed various beans and new crops such as wheat, melons, apricots, peaches, and other fruits. Their artwork heavily featured these daily scenes and items, as the Southwest Natives women created most of the Puebloan artisanal pieces.

Southwest Natives: History and Art

Puebloan art was heavily influenced by the 15th to 18th centuries influx of Spanish colonists, Southern Plains nomadic tribes, and the semi-nomadic Apache and Navajo Athabaskan-speaking tribes. Furthermore, during the Reservation Period, many Southwest artwork began changing to suit the new Anglo-American tastes. 

Southwest Natives sold their Puebloan basketry, beadwork, textiles, silversmithing, and pottery in major trading towns like Picuri, Taos, and Santa Fe. This trading network saw the incorporation of turquoise, shell, copper, and feathers in their art pieces, so each era of Southwest art varies, given the different cultural influences over time.

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